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    Levanto offers 360° holiday. It is the ideal starting point to reach the 5 Terre, Portovenere with its “Golfo dei Poeti”, the characteristic seaside villages of Bonassola and Framura, Portofino and the entire “Golfo del Tigullio”.

    The surrounding areas are easily and comfortably reachable by train or with the numerous hiking trails that start from Levanto and branch off into the neighboring territories. From these paths, it is possible to admire typical landscapes, with breathtaking views overlooking the sea.

    Another advantage of staying in Levanto is to enjoy the tranquility of our town, without being overwhelmed by the “hustle and bustle” of deeply touristy destinations such as the Cinque Terre.

    The Cinque Terre are five villages or as they used to say “lands” located on the eastern Ligurian coast. Listed from west to east are: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. They are the product of the encounter between country and seafaring culture on scenic territory, perched on rock spurs, overlooking the sea.

    The colorful houses, the narrow ‘caruggi’, the sea and the vineyards enchant thousands of tourists every year.

    Five ancient settlements that have experienced depopulation during the last century, but brought back to life by tourism that has recognized the extraordinary nature of the landscapes and local culture. UNESCO has included the stretch of coast of the 5 Terre and Portovenere in the list of world heritage sites, and the Cinque Terre National Park was born. Today it still has the task of preserving ecological balances, protecting the landscape and safeguard anthropological values.


    The town has an ancient foundation, nestled in a valley covered with olive and pine trees and directly overlooking the sea.

    Palazzo delle Sirene is located in a quiet area of Levanto. The town not only offers the opportunity to spend wonderful days at the beach and in its splendid gulf, but it also has a medieval heritage  preserved within its walls, in the castle and in the “alleys” typical of the historic center.

    Levanto is suitable for different types of tourism, from relaxing holidays, to outdoor sports such as trekking and cycling, to surfing and water sports.

    The ferry boat, which departs from the Levanto pier, is an experience that offers the opportunity to admire the Cinque Terre and their coast from the most suggestive point, the sea.


    It is the westernmost of the villages that make up the Cinque Terre.

    Monterosso is located in the center of a small natural gulf, protected by a modest artificial cliff.

    To the west of the town, beyond the “Colle dei Cappuccini”, is the town of Fegina, the liveliest area of ​​Monterosso, while in the “old” part you can admire the historic center.


    Starting from the west, it is the second of the villages that make up the Cinque Terre.

    Its village is considered one of the most beautiful and characteristic in Italy thanks to the hills overlooking the sea and the peculiarity of the dry stone walls. The main road leads to a charming


    Corniglia is in a central position with respect to the other Cinque Terre.

    It differs from the other villages because it is the only one that does not directly overlook the sea, but is located on the top of a promontory about one hundred meters high, surrounded by vineyards located on characteristic terraced bands.

    To reach Corniglia it is necessary to climb a long staircase called “Lardarina”, consisting of 33 ramps with 377 steps or take the bus  that connects it to the railway station.


    Manarola, like the other Cinque Terre, is squeezed between the Ligurian Sea and the mountain range that branches off from the Apennines.

    The colorful houses, consisting of the typical Genoese tower houses, overlook one another on the main street.

    The town then climbs up the rocky ridge that juts out into the sea, creating an intertwining of narrow alleys, which run parallel on several intermediate levels connected by irregular slate stairways.


    Riomaggiore is the last and most easterly of the Cinque Terre. The two valleys on which the town extends are separated by a steep coast. The castle of the village stands on its lower part.

    The historic center, whose original nucleus dates back to the thirteenth century, is located in the valley of the “Rio Maggiore” stream, from which the village takes its name.